Using Free Resources That Advertise Other Businesses

Using Free Resources That Advertise Other Businesses

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I often find it weird nowadays how so many products that you purchase are plastered with some kind of brand advertising that seems very intrusive. An example would be sunglasses where it seems like brands are going out of their way to plaster its name all over the item where people actually try and find ways to get rid of them. But one thing that got me thinking though is how there was a person using video editing software for his business where because he was using a free version all of the videos he outputted would have the company’s logo on it.

While that means he saves money by not having to pay for the software it got me to think how for a business it kind of looks unprofessional to have those kinds of watermarks on your end product. I know for myself it automatically makes me think that the business is not doing very well per se where they couldn’t afford to buy professional solutions. That’s okay for a hobbyist of sort but I think as a business you wouldn’t want to be perceived that way.

Perception really is big deal where you don’t want to look “cheap” in the sense of people will undervalue your offerings simply because of it.

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