Using A Customer’s Service As Leverage For Company Labor Disputes

Using A Customer’s Service As Leverage For Company Labor Disputes

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Here in Canada there has been rotating strikes with employee postal workers lately where as a result anything delivered by Canada Post has been delayed. One reason why this was a big deal for many is because they pretty much did it during the busiest shopping season which means items bought during Black Friday or people hoping to receive items before Christmas may be jeopardized. There was one type of comment that was interesting where customers were saying how they don’t appreciate having their items held at ransom in order to negotiate wages. There were even some that implied they specifically chose this time because they know it will be busy and therefore will get more attention.

While I don’t know for sure of course it made me wonder. If you were an employee for any kind of business where you felt changes needed to be made in the working environment would you be open and willing to do it at a time where your customers are most likely to need or use your service to increase the chances of receiving some kind of settlement?

It seems so risky as I would be inclined to think like here if a business initially relied on you for all its services then they will now more likely to give their business to someone else. That would kind of counteract any financial benefit that people were seeking because if you now have no more customers then everything will have to shut down. I suppose on the other side of the coin what other route would you go with to get people to pay attention if they normally don’t care as well?

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