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Using Clothing Discount Stores To Evaluate Markups

Today I went shopping for some clothing for thing such as dress pants and shirts. At first I started at the well known stores as apparently they were having a sale. Despite this, the prices were extremely high to the point where you juts have to wonder how much the item is marked up. So I decided to go to a clothing discount store as I know this is usually a good way to see how cheap the products can get.

Not surprisingly, I was able to find pretty much the same brand of clothing for about 60% cheaper. While the variety was obviously way less, this then gave me a good price basis to determine if I should keep looking for a better deal. This greatly helped as for the bigger stores that were having a sale I could pretty much tell which ones were a good deal versus the ones that may say it is like 40% off when really the price seems to be inflated.

Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, those discounts store are a good way to price compare on the spot I think if you don’t happen to be an expert when it comes to shopping for certain items.

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