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Using Your Business To Make Statements Creatively

Okay this was actually fascinating to me as I saw a picture that was circling around the Internet which essentially shows a supermarket with a lot of empty shelves. At first I thought it had to do with a business closing down or some kind of supply issue. But apparently the business was making a statement about racism where it removed all of its foreign products to demonstrate how much food and items people regularly consume from other countries.

Basically, it’s to say if people don’t embrace things like other cultures then you shouldn’t enjoy those particular food items as well. It’s interesting to think about from a business perspective where people are willing to disrupt their business operations to make a statement. Ironically it probably gave the company a lot of advertisement as well.

I was thinking one funny note on how the poor workers must have had to take everything out and back in just for this photo op of sorts. I hope they were getting overtime pay.

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