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Using A Credit Card or Saving Pennies

Recently I went to this place where it looked like a wholesale type of store for consumers that requires no membership. As you would expect there were items and packages that were pretty large. For example, a can of pineapple looked more like you were buying some paint for the house. The prices weren’t honestly that much better as many of the items were maybe ten cent cheaper or so compared to stores that you could find the items for very cheap at.

The thing was this place did not accept credit cards. So you had to pay by cash or debit. I was then thinking is it really worth? Do I actually save more money considering it’s only a few cent difference compared to the cashback points I would have earned from buying it at a store that would allow me to use it? I was just thinking overall and interestingly enough it seemed like I would have made more by going elsewhere and using the credit card.

It isn’t exactly the first thing you think of when you go shopping. Of course if you are usually a cash person then it would make more sense to buy it at the place that sells it for a few cents cheaper. But overall, may as well take advantage of your card offers to earn more.

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