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Is User Data The Main Money Maker For Most Business

I was reading an article today that talked about how Bill Gates is using Android for his mobile device as opposed to a Windows based one. This of course makes people wonder why and he then mentioned how it’s better for Microsoft to focus more on apps and user data as its core business. This got me thinking where for many companies user data is like the key to staying afloat financially.

I remember awhile back when I attended this session people had to make up a company for fun and then decide how you can run the company while still offering a service for free to customers. Apparently the only real answer that people cared about was user data and how companies can sell that for millions of dollars. At first I thought that would be more for companies such as social media sites but apparently tons of companies use that as their main revenue source as the trade off to offer people things for free.

Kind of makes you think even business wise where usually when people create apps their first thought is that to maintain the operation financially they need to use things like advertisements and sponsorship. But as this kind of shows user data is big business for many as the main source of income.

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