Being Used As A Statistical Number To Make Others Look Good

Being Used As A Statistical Number To Make Others Look Good

I was thinking of a scenario recently where a company was desperately looking to fill in some positions for another business as they are contracted to find the right people for the job. Usually a business would want to see a ton of people to show that they are actually doing their job in finding people. For whatever reason they couldn’t find that much people and the methods to attract more was kind of interesting.

Essentially what they eventually did was attempt to grab anybody that would seem partially qualified where the candidate themselves were really unsure. But the company would insist that they are great and so people would unconfidentially agree to it. The thing is the business didn’t think they were that good at all but rather they are used to stuff the numbers I guess you can say to show that they are doing lot.

That’s why many times when it comes to things like this I think it is beneficial to understand this as well from a business perspective. I can imagine where someone legitimately thought they would have great odds in landing the job only to be disappointed and wondering why when they were praised so much. However, if you knew that you were mostly used as a number to make someone else look better then it starts to make sense. This can be true for joining various programs such as various business opportunities as well.

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