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If You Were To Not Use Any Soap or Shampoo Anymore

This was sort of a crazy thought as I bumped into this fairly old article at . Essentially, it talked about a person who went through a long time without using any kind of soap product. He swears that he ended up feeling better and wouldn’t ever go back. I’m no scientist, but the factor from what I gather is supposed to be that the body naturally has “good” bacteria that gets washed away by the soaps we use.

I was then thinking, since everyone is inclined to want to save as much money as they can do you think you could live a life without using any kind of soap products to do so if you knew for sure it would be just as good? This is one of those things that would be very hard to even attempt I think considering it’s like a lifestyle habit. It must be excruciating for someone who works in a public environment to get like say a few weeks for their body to adjust to it too assuming it works.

I guess you have to really spend a lot of money on hygiene products for this to entice people from a money perspective. The things I learn each day….

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