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Upgrading The Wrong Item That Is Costly

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This kind of caught my attention today as I heard a person expressing how he wanted his computer to load up faster and was willing to spend about $500 to do this. His initial thoughts was that he would need a new processor and those things can get expensive if you are trying to buy a newer model. I was thinking in this situation though it sounded like all he needed was like one of those SSD drives which could cost less than $100. Even I use one and it makes the computer load so much faster.

There are other examples I can think of such as a person complaining how the picture quality on the TV shows they are watching seem so bad. Even though their TV is not that old, they assume they need to spend a large amount of money to get a new TV to solve this when in many cases this situation is due to people watching standard definition channels on a large screen. Even if I think I know a little about something, if it requires me to make a substantial purchase like these I tend to ask people who know a lot more about the topic.

In some ways you can think of it like the flu where people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on items to try and get rid of it whereas a lot of experts would just say things like lots of rest and fluids. Don’t let your lack of knowledge on a topic be the reason you have no money left at the end of the day.

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