Upgrading One Thing That Makes You Want To Upgrade Everything
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Upgrading One Thing That Makes You Want To Upgrade Everything

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It’s the last day of Christmas shopping and while I did finish all mines there was actually some Boxing Day sale starting early line. I actually purchased some software to make my life easier next year. After testing it for a bit it definitely doe speed up my workflow by a lot. I was then noticing how it might be nice to upgrade some other things as well where maybe the time saving benefit would be worth it.

Is that one of the bad things about updating where you then tend to think how much better it would be if you just did everything at once? Not good for your bank account. But again, I was just thinking of how much time I could save by doing so which technically should be an investment that eventually pays for itself……

As usual the only real thing that was stopping me was how I know in 2018 there are going to be all these trade shows that announce all these new products where if I bought all these things today it will probably be obsolete pretty quickly. So in that case I don’t just want to go crazy. So the wait starts…. At least I get to open some presents tomorrow to hold me off.

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