Updating Software When Everything Works Fine

Updating Software When Everything Works Fine

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Recently I was working on some documents where there was a suggestion in the application that a new version is available. You can update it for a few as they promise you all these new features and functionalities. At times like this though are you inclined to spend the money to upgrade if everything as is works for your current needs? Example, if it’s a word processor where you just need the basics as always and what you have works are you inclined to upgrade?

I used to think the answer to this would be so straight forward such as don’t fix what isn’t broken. There have been so many times where I upgraded to new software only to find out that it is incompatible with other things that I use. That usually results in you having to upgrade everything else along with it which can be very timely or costly.

But the other side of it is if you always just stick with what works you may be secluding yourself to all the new tech and ways of doing things. For example, if you still used a very ancient word processor your new one may not even have the capability to convert the file to other shareable formats that many people nowadays use. So like there is it a good idea to upgrade to stay modern day?

For myself I usually upgrade stuff when it is broken or if what I have just doesn’t have what is necessary to stay ahead. But it makes you wonder if you should be getting the latest and greatest immediately when it comes to things like productivity software for your business.

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