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Unrelated Event Shopping Deals

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I thought this was kind f funny where as everyone knows this is the back to school month. As expected you see a lot of deals on school supplies. With that in mind I thought it was weird that companies had back to school vacation trips as I was thinking isn’t all the travel supposed to be done before this time? The only other thing I could think of is that it would be for say parents who are trying to celebrate that they have more free time.

Then again, I suppose this was just an example on how regardless of what the event or holiday is companies can simply create any kind of sale around it in an effort to get more sales. I guess from a consumer point of view that means too that if you are looking for a deal in regards to a specific occasion odds are you can still find good deals when other big events or holidays are currently taking place.

I think furniture stores are an example where it seems like they try to take advantage of every single holiday while trying to simply theme the holiday around their sales where at the same time you can’t really say it’s a weird time to buy things like say a bed or sofa.

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