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Unlocked Cell Phones In Canada Are Going To Be Standard

canada unlocked cell phones

This was an interesting piece of news today where the in Canada apparently by December 1st all phone carriers must provide their customers with the ability to unlock their phones for free. As you may all know usually cell phone providers have manufacturers lock the phone to specific carriers where if the customer wishes to move elsewhere they will have to pay.

This is good news I think as it should open up the competition more. The other end was how I was thinking a ton of business will have to close shop now because of this. Specifically those who are in the business of unlocking phones. I actually never understood the legality of doing that even though in some mall kiosks there are actually services for that.

It actually makes me wonder how such a thing has been prevalent for so long in the wireless communication sector. When you think about doing such a thing in other industries such as even with a regular telephone that would probably not go too well with the general public. I do wonder if companies will just try and make up for this fee elsewhere now too.

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