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Uber Ridesharing Arriving In Vancouver Canada

Well today there seemed to be an announcement out of nowhere in regards to ridesharing. It seemed like companies such as Uber and Lyft were struggling to get pass all the bureaucracy in getting a license to operate. Some of them seemed ridiculous to me such as taxi companies essentially claiming it would be an environmental hazard of sort as this would encourage more vehicles to be on the road.

However, I guess eventually everything went through and people can technically use services like Uber here today. I was actually really curious whether or not there would actually be a lot of cars on the road initially and of course the cost. My assumption was that there wouldn’t be many vehicles at first which did seem to be the case. Not surprising overall as here in Vancouver the rule is stricter where a regular car license will not enable you to drive people like in other places.

Uber Ridesharing Vancouver Rate

The cost was the biggest question. Would it be cheaper? I just did a quick test and it seemed like driving for about a sixteen minute trip would be about $22. That seemed like a regular taxi fare in many cases. I did hear how these ridesharing apps need to charge a minimum as well due to some kind of agreement. But overall more choice the better I say. It will be interesting to see how this evolves here.

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