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Turning Every Negative or Positive Into An Opportunity

I think by now everyone has heard of that Martin Shkreli story where he raised the price of a drug which made him pretty much the most hated man in the world in many ways. Based on the news I read he was recently conceited of fraud which probably means things like jail time. What caught my attention though was how on one publication had the quote saying “You can’t really punish someone like Shkreli by sending him to prison; that’s just more fuel for a book or a movie about his life” which was an interesting thought.

I was even thinking how the guy himself did use his negative publicity in that way as well where he went on a social media storm of sorts where it seemed like he benefited from it. But from a business it is kind of a funny thing to think about where someone can literally get opportunities through all the bad stuff that are happening to them when usually we never want any of that. It’s like the saying on how any publicity is good publicity right?

While that doesn’t mean go ahead and do stupid things to purposely gain negative attention, it kind of demonstrates in many ways it’s all about the mindset. As odd as it sounds too in many ways the person is feeding a demand where many people want to watch or read negative stuff of others. It’s just the reality of life in many ways. But generally speaking I guess you can always be productive regardless of what cards are given to you huh?

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