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Being Out of Tune At An Executive Level

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I saw an interesting scenario the other day where there was a company that devised a marketing plan to hopefully attract more consumers. They went through all the usual business procedures by the sounds of it. The interesting thing is that to the public has a perception that the company that can’t produce certain types of products. In reality, they do have them. I guess you can say that is purely a marketing failure from the company. The funny thing was it sounded like one of the executives themselves didn’t even know that they had these products as well. I guess you can say that definitely explains why they aren’t succeeding in changing public perception that way.

I guess many times when you are usually in the boardroom you get into a habit of only relying on what others tell you internally. Afterwards a decision and direction is created solely on that. It kind of shows the importance of having to get down and dirty where you need experience your own products and services from a consumer level to know if what you are doing works in a practical way. The same can be said in regards to creating a good working environment as well.

It gives you more respect too for those entrepreneurs and small business operators who run almost everything by themselves. If you aren’t engaged with your business and its offerings then it doesn’t make sense why the consumers would.

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