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Trying To use Dollar Store Items As A Price Base

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I potentially need to replace some ear buds and as usual I tried to find the best value deal. There happened to be a dollar store where I was and so I decided to see if they had any. Not too surprisingly, they did have some ear buds that were about $2 which is a big difference as most other places sold paid for like $10. Most would say that is an unfair comparison as the dollar store product quality is probably inferior to the other ones.

I don’t doubt that personally. However, I still think it’s important to know what options are out there. If in your mind the minimum you can spend for these types of items is $10 then you are kind of setting yourself up to budget around what companies want you to spend as opposed to what would make most sense for you. It’s almost no different from grocery shopping where if you insist in only shopping at one place and using its price as the cheapest base price you usually end up spending more as opposed to comparing it to the best price everywhere.

So you don’t necessarily need to buy the items from a dollar store, but knowing how little you can pay will encourage you to want to save more money I say.

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