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Trying To Find The Cheapest Replacements

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A few months ago I bought a new computer. One thing that has been rendered useless is this really ancient flatbed scanner that I used to use as the company has discontinued support for the product way back and there are no drivers for the operating system I am using. So as a result that got me thinking into trying to find a very cheap one to replace it with.

This is a bit of a challenge as it isn’t exactly something that I need immediately and the thought of having one that is still in one piece here makes me only want to buy one if I see t for like $15. In that sense I may never end up getting a new one. I was even thinking maybe since I don’t use it that much that I could just take a high quality photo with my DSLR camera and get the image that way. One thing is for sure, I won’t be buying one unless it is a sale or is at a clearance price.

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