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Trying Shapr For Networking Made Me Think of Diversity And Perception Conflicts

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I often like to meet others as a way to constantly learn new things while potentially finding others to collaborate with. So when I heard that there was this networking app called Shapr that was popping up in the area I decided to try it out. My hesitation at first was that it kind of looked like a dating app type of setup where people quickly glance at you and then swipe left or right if they are interested. How can you really understand one’s business or skills by being so quick to judge?

This would be interesting for me I felt because my background is such a mash of different things. For example I can be a very technical person who is really into all those gizmos while using them as part of one business whereas in another business I can be the artistic and creative guy where it’s more about things such as writing and presentation. Would you ever think I can be a finance guy as well?

That’s what I was curious in finding out and I did some little tests just to see how judgemental people would be. In both cases I had the exact same set of skills listed. One key difference was that in one part of my profile I wrote how I had experience such as going on live TV and the other I talked about doing things on social media. Not too surprisingly I noticed when I mentioned things like the live TV I got more interest from traditional corporate professionals to meet. When I took that off and used more of the social media angle I noticed more artists were contacting me. Keep in mind that my basic profile stats were the same.

This kind of showed me that even in the world of business networking and apps related to it there is virtually no difference than a dating app in a sense where people make snap decisions about you based on key points. Depending on how you look at it that can be good or bad. Bad in the sense that it means you are immediately judged and categorized a certain way immediately regardless if it is true or not. But it’s good because it kind of shows you how you have to package yourself depending on the types of people you are trying to communicate with.

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