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Trying To Not Make Financial Commitments Too Fast Based On Just Promises

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This was an interesting scenario of a story where a bunch of people were expecting to receive some inheritance money of sort as the person was saying they didn’t need it and so they may as well give it to others now. Because of this some people even went as far as doing things such as entering into contracts to buy items like a car or even mortgages to get a home. In the end the person decided to not give anything yet.

These scenarios just made me think of the notion on how if it’s not in your bank then you shouldn’t really consider it as you having the money to spend yet. The same goes as if you spend your whole paycheck before even getting it. In many ways it’s just so super risky as you never know what can happen. Like there maybe the business will close down immediately.

There are so many times too that I have experienced where people can promise a ton financially where they simply don’t follow through. So you shouldn’t really take that risk I feel. If anything it will help you to be more resourceful while actually budgeting within your means as well.

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