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Trying To Modify What You Have First Before Buying New Stuff

This got me thinking as recently I was thinking of getting one of those lav mics for my camera as the wind noise gets really irritating when it hits the on board microphone. So having something like a microphone clipped to one’s shirt in a concealed way should help. Out of fluke I then bumped into this video that showed these tiny windscreen items that you can stick to the small microphone holes in any camera. From what I saw it does exactly what I wanted without the need of buying an expensive microphone.

I suppose this isn’t something that we normally think of doing because many times we all just like to buy new things. But seeing the price difference sure changes your mind fast. As well if we aren’t completely an expert in a subject we tend to not want to modify the things we have for the fear of say breaking it somehow.

What I sometimes like to do is if something seems like it is at the end of its life where I need to buy a new replacement I often will try and fix it for the sake of a learning experience where there is a chance I could get it to work. If not it’s like a class for the day. It actually makes you more confident to to tinker and modify stuff in the future to potentially save money.

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