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Trying Another Employee For Different Answers

The other day I went to my Internet service provider to inquire about a faster package that has not yet been advertised but information was floating around about it. When I arrived at the store the person acknowledged that such a thing did exist. However, he was very unknowledgeable about it and even said that they can’t help in any way at that store. As a result one would need to phone in.

Another person was then telling me with that store you always get a different answer depending on who is working. So the next day there was someone different and funny enough that person knew pretty much everything about it and mentioned how they could upgrade people up at the store. Usually people would only do this if they are trying to say haggle down a price or something like that. But it’s funny how this can work even for simple things like customer service.

Makes me think how if you are a business having some way to get customer feedback continuously can be so important to help filter out employees that are giving the company a bad reputation. One thing I learned before is that when people have like a bad experience they aren’t going to publish things like is really bad but rather is really bad. So it shows the importance of making sure you always have consistent work and service for a business.

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