Trying A Different Sales Agent

Trying A Different Sales Agent

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I was reading some comments today where when it comes to trying to get deals from various service providers many times you simply have to keep phoning in until you get the person that will say yes to you. The reason this was brought up was because there was a topic on how companies usually have a lot of different service plans except some of them are supposed to only be known to a specific region or demographic.

As a result, many times when you phone in the agent is instructed to offer you the highest plan. This can be very true when it comes to things like retention plans as many times you simply have to find the person who is in the right mood in order to get you the best offer if you know for sure it exists. This is of course different than say getting a person who is new on the job to say accidentally give you something that they shouldn’t have. Those kinds of tactics are a bit much as you are potentially costing someone their jobs for a little bit of savings.

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