Trying A Different Audience or Market For The Same Offering

Trying A Different Audience or Market For The Same Offering

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I was watching some of these funny animal videos recently where people were preforming typical magic tricks for monkeys to see if they would get any kind of reaction out of them. Most people would probably think the tricks shown are just cute per se as you have seen it many times or it is so simple that it’s too easy to understand how they did the trick to make it amazing. So with that most likely you would never use these tricks as your main act per se correct?

That’s what makes you think here where when these tricks were performed in-front of these animal they gave such shocked expressions as if they were a child seeing it for the first time. Every simple trick was like a life changing experience for the animals that thought the objects really disappeared as an example. What that emphasized is how many times there could be a large market and demographic that has never experienced these types of things before.

For example, a snack that might be so common in your home country could be considered like high luxury in another country. Something to think about where if you only ever target markets and people that you are used to maybe it’s time to expand as there may be a lot of people waiting to discover your offerings.

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