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Not Trusting The Sale Signs With Store Closing Prices

I dropped by a pretty large store today and it appeared it was closing down as well. Evidently, it was using the same liquidation company that is handling Target Canada’s closing. As I walked in I saw all the sale signs as expected.



I noticed there was this one item near the front of the store. It was a Jamie Oliver cookware set where as you can see here had a regular price tag of $829.99. I’m not a professional chef or anything and so the price for that seems ridiculously high in general. With 40% off the item was now $497.99 which on a surface level seems like a crazy deal. But, it got me curious on the kind of prices that are available for that item elsewhere.


Funny enough, all I did was search for the parent company of this business and as you can see here they were selling the item for a sale price of $415.


Wouldn’t you feel extremely duped and ripped off if you actually bought it on the spot due to how the sign makes it look like you are saving so much? Just another example on how you have to do your research and not just trust the sale signs.

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