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Trust After Getting Other People’s Data or Orders From Walmart Example

Today I went to a Walmart to pickup an online order where the process itself seemed a bit outdated I must say. In most companies if you do a store pickup they would simply take the stock from the store as an example. But in this case even if they do have it in the store you still have to wait for the one they sent you through a warehouse delivery. So I actually had to go back for two days as every order arrived at a different time. Almost makes me wonder if that is to increase the chance of people buying stuff while they are there.

To process my pickup the person simply asked for my name and off they went to look for it. Afterwards they checked my ID to make sure I was the right person and off I went. I did find it weird as the item was supposed to be a video game for the Nintendo Switch where the box was pretty large and it sounded like there were multiple items. It did say the item came with a guide of sort.

Upon opening the shipping box at home I realized this wasn’t my order as it wasn’t someone else’s. Upon further inspection the box was labelled for an “Alan Au” which was the proper recipient. So I had to bring the item. The comments were interesting as people were telling me how that is so dangerous for a company to mishandle information and packages like that. What if they had your credit card payment details for example as one person said?

Would you see things like this as just one of those things that happen or would you consider that as broken trust in ever wanting to confidently shop with a specific company again? On a side note I am surprised Walmart didn’t offer me anything for having to go back for its error.

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