Truly Knowing What You Are Buying
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Truly Knowing What You Are Buying

For some reason I was reading this article about processed foods today which listed all sorts of facts on how some things are made. I wasn’t too shocked at some items such as how food colouring is from certain bugs. For some items though, it was funny reading comments from others on how now that they know how certain things are made they will be inclined to not purchase them.

It didn’t have anything to do with say a disagreement morally, but rather it made them think twice about the value of the item they were buying. Example, apparently in one product a lot of the ingredient was simply pure beef fat and so that just made it sound like something that should cost say a dime as oppose to a dollar.

The other interesting about this was how people got riled up over it from a money and value perspective. You would think the first reaction to avoid such a product would be more due to health a nutrition reasons. I guess that is an example though that really understanding what you are buying will surely adjust your spending habits.

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