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Treating A Supermarket Like A Fast Food Vendor Too

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I had to walk for a bit today. Okay, a lot as it came up to like 3 hour worth. As a result, I became thirsty and was thinking of buying something to drink. Of course the first train of thought was to simply go into a fast food restaurant or one of the food vendors on the street. Of course though, the prices were outrageous such as $2 for a bottle of water. There were people buy them at those prices of course.

What was interesting was how there were actually a few supermarkets around the area that are just as convenient. As well, the prices for the items were way cheaper. So of course, I went in to buy one. I was surprised at how others don’t usually view this as a viable way to get what they want and save money at the same time. I heard one reason for this is that people are actually too embarrassed to go into a supermarket and buy only one item as they usually get a stare from others as a result.

Some places even set up free microwaves and tables for the public to use now where you can literally buy something and heat it up right there. More people should put this on their minds I think in an effort to save money.

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