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Transunion or Equifax For Your Credit Score

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I was thinking for fun this year that maybe I should see if there has been any changes to my credit score. I haven’t checked it in awhile where the last time I did I had a score of about 806 according to Transunion. That then made me wonder if I should try Equifax instead this time just to change it up as I have always read that the scores can be different between the two.

At this point I think cost would be the only head scratcher on whether or not I would use one company over the other. It’s kind of hard to think that customer service would play a role as I assume both organizations have a solution where you simply look at your profile online in an automated fashion. People say you should check your credit score and profile often to ensure if there are any errors, but it’s usually something I personally neglect to do as I consider myself very in-tune with my finances each day.

Wouldn’t that be a shocker where if I pulled out a report this year only to find so many weird information on it. But the question still remains, TransUnion or Equifax?

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