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Being Transparent or Not About Your Contest

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This was interesting as usually when you see companies run some kind of contest there are public rules and guidelines to ensure that everything is fair. But interestingly enough I was reading this one company that clearly stated how the winners will be chosen by then and that they will not be revealing exactly what that process was.

That kind of made me wonder if that can be a good or bad thing. I know in my mind in the sense of a contest to me it didn’t really matter because if they are offering something for free then realistically it is their prerogative to choose whoever they want. To me it’s more about how what it says to me is that they will award the people who they think will give them the best publicity of sorts. In that it makes me view the company in a little different light oddly enough in the sense of it’s like as situation where someone is pretending to be nice where in reality you know it’s for their own gain.

I actually wonder if companies realize the customer is more knowledgeable and informed nowadays where little things like that can give a different view of one’s company.

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