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Transitioning Communication Mediums

I realized that tomorrow there is going to be another season of The Celebrity Apprentice coming on. For one reason or another I was thinking of doing a video blog post about it instead of the usual text as video was something as mentioned that I have been dabbling with this year. It was kind of funny I thought at how much thinking I would have to do not so much with creating the video itself, but it kind of feels just weird to just change the medium/format that I normally use to communicate. Almost reminds me of when companies started to tell people that they now have websites to display information as opposed to relying on things like traditional flyers.

I’m thinking I probably won’t do it for the first episode. Instead, maybe I’ll probably just post my thoughts in text as always but at the same time behind the scenes just try and pretend as if I was publishing it in video too see if I like the workflow as one of my motivations to try it too is to make it faster for me to publish information and at the same time it’s probably a lot more fun to talk about things and at the same time give everyone a visual reference with clips and such. It’s all a matter of nailing down the formula on how it would work. Either way, it will be an interesting experience.

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