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Trading In For Credit Or Selling It Yourself

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I was looking at some electronic stores today that seemed to be offering recycling program incentives where you can trade in your old products for a gift card to be used at its stores. I have yet to get rid of my old digital camera and so out of curiosity I looked up at how much credit I could get for it. Apparently, they were offering about $50 for it. That made me think as I know I could probably sell it for at least $100 minimum.

I guess it’s best to trade things in if you know the item that you have is so outdated that no one would really buy it at this age such as CRT monitors. Funny enough, sometimes you can actually buy outdated items like video games for clearance prices and then trade them in to places that will actually offer you more credit than what you paid for the item. Like in that example trading in would definitely make sense if you were looking for an instant profit with old items that may be hard to sell otherwise.

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