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Having A Ton of Bonus Funds Sitting As Store Credit

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As I did some grocery shopping today I noticed that the balance of my store points was at $50. That was pretty good for such a short amount of time as I really planned out what to buy based on the deals. The thing is though I can’t spend this unless I spend at least $20. Because of the way I bargain shop at this store my bill is often way less. It made me think as many times people will just spend the balance with a free money mindset. To me, that can often counter all the effort you made in being a savvy shopper.

I feel one of the reasons I am patient in having the points just sit there until needed is that I don’t buy products just for reward points that I know a lot of people do. Usually the item itself has to be a good deal on its own. That way getting points is truly more like a bonus as opposed to like receiving spare change for your purchase that is tied down to a company.

Even when I began with something as simple as Airmile rewards I personally felt it was a little silly to try and purchase more just to stack up on points for purchases that aren’t a very good deal on its own. The reward points to dollar ratio is usually pretty bad from my experience. Just treating it like a bonus too can be like you just won a scratch and win ticket prize or something. Like in this case, if I ever have to spend $50 at once there it’s like I was customer 1000 or something where I get my stuff for free.

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