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Today I Learned The Term Drunken Stupor

There was no getting away from this news today it seemed. I’m pretty sure most people by now has heard of the story about this Toronto Canada mayor named Rob Ford where there was apparently a video out there that proved he was associated with drug dealers and such. That never came to light though and he constantly denied using drugs.

Today for some reason he admitted that he had smoked crack cocaine before and his explanation was that it was during a time where he consider himself a “Drunken Stupor.” I really had to think about that
as at first as I initially thought I probably just misheard him trying to say “Drunk and Stupid.” I was then looking on the Internet and apparently people actually do use this term.

The first thing I thought is that after today there are probably going to be quite a few people who are going to capitalize on this for things like merchandising purposes. At the same time, professionally it is kind of interesting that the person doesn’t simply resign. Ironically, I can recount so many other businesses or professional individuals that have only increased their popularity and success as a result of revealing things like this as it makes them seem “normal” I guess you can say.

I wonder if there will be more businesses that will now do stuff like this for the sheer sake of a publicity stunt.

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