Time To Use The Expensive Gear You Bought
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Time To Use The Expensive Gear You Bought

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I was having a conversation with a person recently who was expressing how he really liked some of the work that I created where it seemed to be pretty high quality to him. This is despite that the gear I was using isn’t that high end in any way compared to professional gear. He actually happens to own a lot of expensive gear where he did create some projects with it. But ultimately he just didn’t have the motivation to do it consistently. Like most people in this situation they just leave it in the closet to collect dust.

After speaking with me it seemed like he got excited to actually try and create some stuff again. Especially during this time if you are a person who can’t work due to the pandemic. You probably have a ton of stuff like this where at some point you thought it would be a great idea to buy something and learn how to use it. This could even be things like a kitchen gear to do some kind of baking but you never actually sat down and tried.

Again, this is a great time to look at what you have bought that is simply collecting dust where you could definitely learn a new skill during this time without spending more money.

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