Time To Shop or Time To Make Money

Time To Shop or Time To Make Money

I was reading some comments from people that had an interesting contrast as since Christmas is coming up that usually means people will need to do a lot of shopping to find those gifts for people. Therefore, many people are hard at work in trying to find the best gifts for their loved ones. On the flip side there was a another group of people who were interested in taking advantage of the opportunities that are available such as starting a business that can capitalize on the shopping frenzy or even applying for seasonal jobs since so many companies are hiring.

Not surprisingly the first group of people were more along the lines of an everyday worker whereas the other group was more entrepreneurial. Why not use times like these as an opportunity to generate more income for yourself or possibly a way to expand your experiences? It’s during times like these where you have to take advantage of the opportunities that are out there I think if you are trying to get out of a routine and instead create bigger and better things. That doesn’t mean you can’t do the shopping of course. However, opening your mind and realizing that there are opportunities during these times too can probably be a rewarding venture.

It reminds me of the simple examples such as bottled water. For example, in the summer when the weather is hot most people would go to the beach in droves as it is a good time to be social with a lot of people while having a good time. However, other people think how can they enjoy that atmosphere and at the same time still make money? Sure enough, some people do simple things such as selling bottled water to the crowd or even taking job opportunities that are available during those times that enable them to be outside all the time. Kind of a good way to solve multiple problems with one solution too I think.

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