Time To Move Web Host Unfortunately After 20 Years

Time To Move Web Host Unfortunately After 20 Years

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Well I think today the writing is on the wall where the host I have been using for all these years just seems to be going downhill in the service department. While they had their hiccups over the past few weeks of major outages and downtime I gave the benefit of the doubt as I never seen anything like it. While you hope it was an isolated incident, in recent days their e-mail system seemed to be going down and today it’s been over 12 hours of not being able to receive e-mails.

I actually didn’t even know until I received a text message from a person just notifying me that they sent an e-mail about some details which I can reply at my convenience. I immediately checked and nothing new was there. So after going to the web host site for some information sure enough it was down with no real details other than they are not sure when it will be back up.

This was actually extremely troublesome as I was thinking if there was a very important message I would have just been oblivious to it. On the bright side at least the site is still up as opposed to everything being own like last time. But it just made me think how unfortunate this is as I would love to stay just out of the sense of loyalty you have in doing business with a company for so long. It simply doesn’t make sense though from a business perspective as I need to find a new hosting solution.

The signs were there too. For example, people asking questions on their forum where in the beginning they would provide lightning fast responses. But nowadays it’s not uncommon to see questions just sit there. They didn’t seem to have invested in making sure their hardware is just as good as the competition as well to the point where my educated guess is they are simply treating the business on autopilot. I think as a business you have to always be innovating and investing to make things better.

It shows too, fall behind so much in all these ways and even your most loyal customers will be forced to go elsewhere. Time to start looking.

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