TikTok US Ban And Selling Conversations

TikTok US Ban And Selling Conversations

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It’s interesting to read all the news about countries wanting to ban Chinese apps for fear that since it is tied to the communist party they can essentially request data on any user that they want. That is the theory anyways. India has already banned the app TikTok and now it seems like as early as tomorrow the US may in fact ban the app as well.

This generated reports on how one way the company is trying to save itself is by selling it off completely to an American company such as Microsoft. That should technically ease any thoughts about the China communist party controlling it. However, from what I read that may not be enough as a ban of the app seems to be highly likely. Although it does make you think where even though the app was banned from India which was huge considering its population and user base it didn’t seem like the company was as animated about the ban as it is for the US.

It could be that they see the American audience as more lucrative as an example. But it makes you think where if you were TikTok at this point would you just dump the whole company to someone else as you consider it dead should the ban commence or would you still focus on all the other countries that it can still technically operate in?

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