Three Sales Events In A Month And Which One To Choose
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Three Sales Events In A Month And Which One To Choose

For this month people have the opportunity to shop during three big sales events. Most notably, there is Black Friday, Cyber Money and Singles Day. It makes you wonder, is there one sales event where you would dedicate your time to if you are on the hunt for a deal or do you simply try shopping in all of them?

The interesting for me personally is that for these particular sales events I usually only shop online. Therefore, is there any reason not to simply see what everyone has to offer for each one? As well, since I live and Canada and none of these sales events originated from here going to a physical retail store to try and find deals is often a waste of time I have found personally.

Usually the only things that are interesting are the free contests such as malls here that offer hundreds of dollars in free gift cards for lucky people. One thing is usually consistent though, if you are looking to save money for your Christmas shopping now is usually a very good time to do so as opposed to waiting when the Christmas rush comes. Even if it takes a while to ship, buy the items now and you still have about a one month grace period for it to arrive on time.

Afterwards, your shopping at the malls will be more as a social event and having no pressure where you would only consider stuff if the deal is extremely good.

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