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The Thought of A Large Business Being Afraid of Kids

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So today I was reading this piece of news on how awhile back two girls were running a lemonade stand to raise some money like a lot of kids would do. Nothing out of the ordinary and most people would support that right? Well apparently people didn’t think so and the girls were asked to close everything down. If they wanted to continue selling lemonade apparently they were told that they had to get a permit. If I was reading it correctly too the permit would normally be over $1000.

The funny thing was reading how there were actually some people in full support of that from a business point of view where even a child should have to pay their fair share if an adult has to make it an even playing field. With that in mind I was thinking am I the only one who thinks that is weird for a large business or even a solo entrepreneur to be afraid of like a child making like maybe $50 if they are lucky?

I personally tend to think in these types of situations the business or entrepreneur should be embracing kids to get out there and try stuff like that. In many ways I feel for a business to want to shut down a child in that way makes me think there are times where a business just can’t be purely about numbers. It should be about giving back for the future too.

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