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The Thought of Connecting With Everyone Online

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Today I decided to attend a workshop of sort where the conversation was connecting with other professionals on social media sites. An interesting topic came up on whether or not you should be picky as to who you allow to be a “friend” or “connection” on these sites. From what I gather the main negative point was that for professional sites approving a connection with someone you don’t really know can imply that you personally endorse them in some way and so you should be picky. The main positive point was that you should just add everyone as you never know when that person can help you in the future.

Kind of an interesting topic in many ways. I know for social media in general many people opt to just add everyone they know where it’s simply a numbers game. It makes me think though on how it’s one thing to make a connection and it’s another to maintain it. Though I do see people benefiting often from just adding and approving anyone where for the most part it’s like an extra chance that you wouldn’t have had normally for when an opportunity comes up.

I know for myself I usually use platforms like those as more of just a business where if people want to contact me then they could. In many ways it isn’t exactly the same as if it’s like you allowing someone to write you as a reference on a resume.

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