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Thirty Minutes To Dine Out or Wait Till You Get Home

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Today I attended a class where after four hours we broke for a thirty minute lunch. The location was in the downtown core where everything is usually expensive too. At the same time, for the time it would have took for me to get to a place to find something to eat it’s like I already used up ten minutes to travel back in fourth. This means I would have had like twenty minutes to scarf the food down.

For me, I kind of saw this scenario ahead of time and so I opted to eat a good meal before coming to this class where I wouldn’t be hungry. For the thirty minutes I simply did some errands such as depositing some money into the bank. Do you often do the same in terms of meal planning? I am not a fan of having to rush myself to eat. Therefore, in these cases it’s either I pack something where I can eat it right away at a break or I would fill myself up generously beforehand.

For me, dining out takes too much time and not to mention costs so much money compared to other options you could have done with some planning.

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