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Thinking You Must Use Brand Specific Products

Today I had a funny scenario as a person I knew was talked into buying an Apple computer and he also needed to buy things like a wireless router. Therefore, in his mind he had to use products specifically built by Apple. It was kind of crazy seeing him spend things like $100 for a wireless router when he was the type of person that just needed the basics. Of course it was explained to him afterwards that there were more affordable options and he was surprised.

I don’t know if there is such a thing, but it would of been interesting if there was say an Apple branded usb cable or something that cost like $20 each where a person like him thinks that he would have to specifically buy it in order to connect simple things like a printer. It does make me wonder though for people who are buying these expensive items as gifts with very little knowledge of it where they also try to buy the recipient all of the necessary accessories and whether or not they try to buy the same brand products with the assumption that you must do that for the product to work.

I remember a story a person told me where a consumer recently bought a TV as a gift and realized they needed a basic cable to hook up some simple speakers. Funny thing was the person was shown a cable that was literally like $80 made by the same TV manufacturer and he was also shown a generic brand that was like 90% cheaper. Sure enough the guy bought the $80 one saying the expensive one would probably work better since it is made by the same company whereas the other one probably has chances of being incompatible. That’s not the case in reality of course. Like they say, perception is reality though in many cases. Expensive way of thinking.

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