Thinking What You Are Really Getting For Your Money
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Thinking What You Are Really Getting For Your Money

Mcdonalds is having this promotion here to try and promote its smoothie drinks where for a limited time you can buy it for one dollar. For what sounded like a cheap price I decided to try it as it sounds pretty cheap if it is as said it is using real fruit. After trying the smoothie the first thing that came to my mind was holy cow this thing has a lot of ice in it where while I don’t doubt there was real fruit in it the amount seemed pretty minimal.

All these labels like these always make it difficult to really know what you are truly guessing. Like with this example I could have probably made the same thing for about a quarter or less since it was mostly ice it seemed. I guess it’s just at times we focus too much in reading the keywords we are looking for in products where we neglect to look at it as a whole to see if we are truly getting what we want for our money. It’s almost the equivalent a person saying you can make $1000 a day selling their product where they neglect to tell you that the expense in running the business would cost almost the same where in the end you aren’t getting much. I suppose like in this example if it is fruit you are looking for it’s better to just buy the fruit itself.

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