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Thinking Something Is Too Expensive To Even Offer

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With the final few days of Christmas shopping left tomorrow is usually the cut-off date for online retailers if you want things such as one day shipping to get your presents before Christmas. I did notice that for some of the options to ship the items fast it was pretty ludicrous such as $15 to $20. But as it appears that didn’t stop people from using that service because they need it by Christmas.

Many times people simply don’t offer a service because they think it is too expensive so why bother right? But like in this case you just never know as there can be a time and a place for it. I doubt many people would use the service during non-holiday months but during that time I wouldn’t doubt it can be very lucrative.

The same goes for even offering your professional services where a lot of times people actually don’t even try because they assume no one in their right mind will pay or hire them. There are just too many stories I have read of people just throwing something out there and being surprised at how many people are willing to pay. Give people the option.

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