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Thinking Too Rational With How You Know It To Solve things

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Today I saw this entertaining video that had a bunch of people trying to solve this ring puzzle of sort where they got people ranging from scientists to magicians where typically you would think they would automatically know the technicalities or the tricks to the trade. Funny enough none of them were able to solve this puzzle which was rather entertaining. Ultimately they did solve it with the aid of a person that specializes in puzzles.

This reminded me of a discussion I was having with a person where I was trying to figure out some business and marketing reasons as to why certain people who dictate who gets opportunities are being bypassed. I was thinking of It rationally in almost every way from a business perspective such as there could be favoritism, external business benefits that I am unaware of, etc. Ultimately his personal answer to me was that there is no rational explanation to it as people often just make decisions irrationally right at that moment.

Sometimes that is probably true too where for a person like myself I am probably way over thinking it. For like that scenario it doesn’t help that I try to understand things with the way I know kind of like that puzzle with the people above. I suppose in many ways at times you really do just have to forget everything you know about something and learn from those who have done it before per se. Because you could be absolutely wrong in terms of your direction as to how to solve it.

Easier said than done right? But often times the answer is so simple as long as we know where to look. That can be in places we would never have thought of.

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