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Thinking People Will Simply Forget In A Few Days

I am sure by now everyone has heard of that unfortunate news of the bombing in Manchester during an Ariana Grande concert. While most people are sad over the issue a lot of people see it as an opportunity it seems to get exposure of sorts. This one tweet by David Leavitt shows that he was making a joke of the situation saying that the last time he listened to an Ariane Grand concert that he almost died too. Of course that got a lot of backlash.

Business wise it was interesting to hear how many people felt that even though what he said was insensitive he probably got a lot of publicity over it where people will forget about it a few days later. While that is unfortunately true in many ways I think nowadays the saying of how when you publish it on the Internet it is there forever that you should take extra care. For example, while it probably wouldn’t matter for him if he stays in the same profession I could easily imagine that people won’t forget this if he decided to go in a different direction career wise in the future.

Or at the same time maybe your current network of people you work with wouldn’t care, but maybe in the future this new group of people will. Makes me think of the saying where you should be careful on who’s toes you step on while you are on your way up. You can meet the same people on the way down.

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