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Thinking of Things That Even A Robot Can’t Do

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I was watching this interesting video today that was essentially trying to show the viewpoint on how sooner or later humans and jobs are going to be replaced by robots for virtually everything you can imagine. It dived into almost every profession you can think of such as an artistic on to ones in the legal profession. You can see the video below:

This kind of made me think how it’s nothing that one should fear as just like in business it’s one of those if you don’t have something unique then you compete against time and convenience. Just an example off the top of my head, even when it comes to an artistic profession like a singer it’s one thing to sound technically good. However, if I’m not mistaken a big part of things such as why a signer becomes popular is their life story and personality which companies use to market. That’s something that would be unnatural to replicate with a robot for example.

Doesn’t everything with money and business require us to adapt to the times too anyways I was thinking? Example, I could easily imagine if everyone relies on computers to do everything then a new big industry would probably be things such as teaching people to actually be social in public as silly as that sounds. Either way, it’s all about perspective I suppose.

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