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Thinking of A New Book

While wandering through the book store today I realized that it has been awhile since I have last blogged a business or finance book. I was just thinking what type of book I should try next. So far both of them dealt with money and how to be successful.

This time, I was trying to think of something that is a bit more controversial but would be relevant. Sure enough, there is this book called “Snakes in Suits” that just popped out in-front of me which is suppose to be about “psychopaths” in the corporate workplace.

Now my first reaction was obviously they don’t mean psychopath like what we see in the movies, but rather someone that manipulates people in a business environment to get what they want and creating conflicts to make themselves look better. That is definitely interesting I thought as it is important skill to recognize when someone who seems great all the time could really be the Trojan horse.

I was going to buy the book, but they only had the paperback and I usually like to buy hardcover versions instead. I then checked online and the hardcopy was sold out too. So, I might just buy the paperback. There was another book called “The Dip” which apparently is about realizing when you should keep going or getting out of an idea of some sort which sounded interesting too. I know that book looked a lot shorter too, so maybe I could do that one as well.

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