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Thinking How Much The Person Has Spent On Your Gift In Return

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Usually when it comes to giving people an item as a gift I would often buy it for them if I see that it is a very good deal and that they have a use for it. I don’t necessarily need to wait for an occasion such as a birthday or Christmas as to me it’s just a gift that I think someone will value a lot. This can be odd at times where the people I get things for feel the need to buy me stuff in return. In my case I usually buy the stuff that I know is a very good deal. However, many times I know people are getting me things that aren’t say on sale which makes me think if I made them spend more money overall then they would have normally if they got it themselves.

Is that ever something that crosses your mind if you are a frugal shopper as an example? It’s just kind of funny to think about too where the intent is to help the other person save money as well where if this situation happens that isn’t really the case. Or do you just treat this as like an entertainment budget of sort where if you feel spending the money makes you happy so why not as long as you can afford it?

I think the funniest examples of gift giving and feeling the need to match things based on dollar value is when I see people give one person say $20 in cash only to then receive a $20 gift card in return at the same time. Often there people feel relieved that neither person is out any money.

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